Adrian Walker

Originally posted on January 8, 2013

I had a fun shoot with Adrian Walker, a good friend and a noted journalist at The Boston Globe.

Set up time was about half  hour.  Lighting on Adrian’s face was created with Chimera Strip light soft box, powered by Dynalight Road Max MP8.  Hair light was set up with a 20 degree grid spot  on boom over his head with extension tube and Rosco tufspun (to soften the light).  The hair line light was also used to illuminate the smoke coming from the cigar.  We also set up the Dynalite Uni with Rosco CTO, outside the studio window to blow the light in.  All lightings were triggered by Pocket Wizard Plus 3.

Key to illuminating smoke is you have to backlight the smoke.  We used Dynalite’s extension tube and grid spot to control the light so that light illuminates the smoke without unwanted light spill.

Equipment used to create image:



Equipment used to create image:

  • Dynalite Road Max MP8 power pack with 2 Dynalite heads:
    1 with Chimara Strip light soft box (which I have had it for 30+ years!) to illuminate his face
    1 with Dynalite  with extension tube and 20 degree grid spot to illuminate his hair and light up the smoke
  • Dynalite Uni 400 (outside set up)
  • Pocket Wizard Plus 3,  to trigger Dynalite MP8 Power pack (inside) and Dynalite Uni 400 (outside)
  • Rosco CTO & Tough spun

Nikon D800 with a Nikon 70-200 f2.8 zoom