Bring your own sunshine to photoshoot!

Originally posted on August 23, 2012

The goal for this portrait session was to create the natural look of late afternoon light and throw a pattern of warm light on the wall.  This  is the  effect you get on a late winter afternoon, except it had to done at 11 AM in August.

This lighting was created by using two Dynalite heads with Rosco‘s color gel.  The Dynalite head set up outside consisted of a Rosco half CTO gel: Inside the door way, I placed the second Dynalitehead with Rosco Cinifoil and Tough Spun to illuminate the subject’s face.  The inside head had a snoot made from Rosco Cinefoil with Tough Spun to soften the light on the subjects face.

Equipments Used

Rosco Half CTO gel
Rosco Cinifoil
Rosco Tough Spun

Pocket Wizard TT5



The set up time was approximately 20 minutes.  My assistant stood in for a test shoot and we were ready to go!

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Happy Shooting!