Unique Photo “Location Lighting Workshop”™ 2/23/13

Originally posted on February 25, 2013

Thank you all for coming to the “Location Lighting Workshop”™ at Unique Photo!




Some of you asked for a lists of the equipment we used in the workshop.  We had  3 sets with models at the workshop going on at the same time:   Canon with PocketWizard TT5, Nikon Pocket Wizard TT5 and Dynalite & Pocket Wizard Plus III.

Rogue Flash bender with diffusion panel, large & small
Rogue  Grid with Rogue Flash Gel

California Sunbounce, Bounce-Wall ( you can see our blog on Rick’s Bounce Wall Shoot!)

Californ Sunbouce Ovel Sun-Mover with PermaTense
California Sunbouce Micro mini with Flash Bracket

Pocket Wizard TT5, TT1 and AC 3 (All TTL function & high speed synch): we used these with the speed light
Pocket Wizard Plus III ( we used Plus III to fire a camera remotely for our group picture)

Dynalite set up:
Dynalite  Road Max MP800 (Pocket Wizard slave is built in)
2 Dynalite heads
Dynalite Grid holder

Soft Box:
Chimera 32”x24
Chimera 9”x36”
(strip light, we used it with dynalite)

Chimera Speedlight ring for speedlight

*You need either umbrella bracket or ball head to be able to change angles of the softbox

Rosco Tufspun
Rosco Cinifoil
Rosco Color gels