Lighting Science: The Silk Pavilion

I had an assignment from Der Speigel Magazine to photograph the "Silk Pavilion" at  the  MIT Media Lab, in Cambridge, MA.    

 "Inspired by the way silkworms weave delicate cocoons from a single strand of silk, the pavilion was created using a base of robot-woven threads wrapping a steel frame, completed by 6,500 live silkworms which were let loose upon this primary structure. Through a combination of careful design of the primary structure and the silkworms’ instinctive preference for darker areas of the pavilion’s surface, the pavilion’s mottled skin finds the mid-point between a scaled-up version of the insects’ own cocoons and a functional space for humans."  ( from website MIT Media Lab ArchDaily)

The Silk Pavilion, is a 2 story high, transparent structure hung by wires in the lobby of the MIT Media Lab

 This is what it looked like lit:


Silk Pavilion006.jpg

This is what it looked like when I arrived. 


The finished was created using 6 Dynalite heads, 4 Dynalite power packs, a roll of Rosco Cinifoil, Rosco Tough Spun and yellow, orange and blue gels. The strobes were triggered by PocketWizard Plus llls.

Here is the published article in Der Spiegel:


 My 2 wonderful assistants who helped me create this image! 
 (I am the guy on the left)  
 Keiko Hiromi (R)
Hyunah Jang (L)