Tuesday's Tips: Lighting Anonymous

I had an assignment from The Guardian to photograph Gregg Housh, a soft spoken family man, 30-something Boston native, who is the public face of the group Anonymous...  (Shhh... Don't tell anyone!)

The idea was to photograph Gregg in the inner city, to give the feeling of gritty.  This photograph was shot one building away from my studio at dusk.  This is a place I have walked by thousands of times, but never saw the picture frame until that evening.  The photograph was shot by bouncing one Nikon SB-900 speed light into a California Sunbounce Micro Mini.  To fire the strobe off camera, I used a PocketWizard TT-1 on camera and a PocketWizard TT-5 on the Speedlight.  To control the output of the strobe I used a PW AC-3 on top of my PW TT-5.    

The challenge with this assignment, as with most of my assignments was the lack of time.
Gregg only had a few minutes for us to create the images. The great thing about working with
the Speedlight is that when I bounce it off the Sunbounce MicroMini, it gives me great light, with the ability to move to several locations with almost no setup time.

The image was shot at 1/80 at f5 at ISO 640.  The ambient light was really at f... nothing (meaning it was really dark.)


Here is the set. Welcome to my neighborhood!