Tuesday's Tip: Light it up Coach!

I had an assignment to photograph a high school baseball coach, Mike Schell at his college baseball field. 

A few things to consider, approaching this assignment. It was off season and we had an empty baseball field. 

I needed to convey the feeling of the man in charge of the team, even though the team was not there, and he was out of uniform.  I used the graphics of the base line and the feel of spot light to pull you into the image. It was a beautiful sunset, the sky and clouds were amazing but it was almost completely dark out  (f nothing!).   Mike was in the shadows, so we needed to match the light on Mike's face and the exposure of the sky.  Shooting him from a low angle and the direction of the light, portrait him a hero-like figure.  

This photograph was shot with a single Dynalite Uni plugged into a Jack Rabbit battery, with a 20 degree grid, to direct the light and have the drop off in the fore ground. The Dynalite was fired using a PocketWizard Plus III.  (one on the camera, one on the strobe).  The key to this photograph is: wait till the dusk, until there is almost no ambient light left.  Set your camera manual and  "Expose for the element you cannot control".  (Sky, in this case!)

The photograph was shot with Nikon D800 with a Nikon 17-35 zoom at  ISO 160, F 10 & Shutter Speed 1/200.

As a photographer, I constantly think about how to translate an idea to the image. Placement of the subject, choosing background and creating & capturing  the light are all important elements of the image.

Throughout this blog series,  I am sharing photographs from my real assignments.  Sometimes I am so wrapped up in the shoot, that I forget to make an overall set up photo for "Tuesday's Tips".  This photograph is the lighting setup I used.  This is a Dynalite Uni with a reflector with a 20degree grid powered by the Jack Rabbit battery with the PocketWizard Plus III.