Tuesday's Tips: Lighting Kephenny!

I had a great time teaching my "Location Lighting Workshop™" at my studio in Boston this past weekend.  We had two wonderful models to work with, Kephenny and Rosangelina.   It was a weekend full of  of shooting, creativity, laughing and a lot of idea sharing.  

This week's "Tuesday's Tips" is from one of the lighting set ups from the workshop.  How do you make an interesting background out of a plain white backdrop?

I lit Kephenney with a Dynalite Uni strobe with a medium size Chimera Lightbank (48"x36") on the left side with Sunbounce MicroMini reflector on the right side.  Back ground was lit with a single Speedlight with Rosco Blue gel and Chimera Window pattern, placed in front of the gelled Speedlight.    All strobes were fired using  PocketWizard Plus IIIs. One on the camera and one on each strobe. When mixing studio strobes and Speedlites, make sure the Speedlight is set on manual.  I metered each light with Sekonic 478DR light meter.  

The key to this photograph is to control light from each strobe.  I used a large sheet of foam core as a gobo, on the left side of my soft box, to prevent the white light from the soft box from hitting the backdrop.  When adding colors to your photographs using color gels, it is important that no white light hit your color.   I used a speed light as my backlight with a gel,  because a small light source would give me more defined pattern on my back drop.


You can see more photographs from my workshops on my FB Location Lighting Workshop Page.

My next 2 day "Location Lighting Workshop™" is at the Hunts Photo in Melrose, MA, May 17 & 18.

Happy Shooting! & May all your colors be bright.  (if they are not, GEL THEM!!!)