Tuesday's Tips: Looking under the Hat!

A couple of weeks I had a great time presenting lighting demonstrations for ExpoImaging and Nissin Flashes at WPPI in Las Vegas.  


To light the photograph I used 4 Nissin Di&700A Flashes.  For the front light  I used 2 Rogue XL-2 Flashbenders, both as Strip Grids on small booms.  One slightly above the model and one coming from below to fill under the hat. I shot in between the 2 Flashbenders. When positioning your lights, make sure you do not create a shadow from her hand or hat on to her face.   

For the backlight, I placed another Nissin Flash with a Rogue Grid directly behind the model's head.  I used a Rogue Salmon gel to give me the warm color that outlines her hat and hair.

The final part of making the photograph was creating an interesting, colorful background from a plain gray background.  To get this effect I cut a pattern out of a sheet of Rosco Cinefoil.  Taking another flash with a blue gel on it, I shot the light from the strobe through the Cinefoil creating the pattern on the background.   All of the flashes were set on TTL, controlled by a Nissin Air transmitter on the camera on a Nikon D810 camera


This setup works great in a small space.   In this case, I had a space less that 10'x10'.  All the lighting equipment with the exception of the light stands, fits in your ThinkTank camera bag. 

I hope to see you at one of my upcoming Location Lighting Workshops:
April 5-6 NEIPP  Cape Cod
April 8-10  CanAm Photo Expo  Buffalo, NY
April 17-20 Canadian Imaging Conference Calgary, Alberta
May 14-15   Hunts Photo, Melrose,  MA
June 4-5   Rick Friedman Studio, Boston, MA