Tuesday's Tips "Smokin' Hot Lights"

This image from my recent Niagara Falls area "Location Lighting Workshop" with my good friend and amazing photographer Doug Hansgate.  We started the workshop using one fresnel light and progressed to the 3 light set up below.  We were going a hard light look.  The main light was on a boom from above, stage right.  We used 2 back lights to high light her hair and bring out the smoke.  One back light was directly behind our model, Becca's head and the other light was stage left, bringing additional high lights to her hair.  On stage left we had a 4'x6" white reflector.  
When you are using smoke, you need to back light the smoke to give it depth.

Equipment used:
Nikon D810 with Nikor 105 macro lens
Sekonic 478 Light Meter
Rosco Smoke Machine
3 Arri Fresnel lights
ThinkTank Photo camera cases

ISO: 1600, Aperture: 5.6, Shutter: 1/200 

Come join me at one of my upcoming "Location Lighting Workshops"
Nov. 4-5, Unique Photo, Fairfield, NJ
Nov. 22-25  X-posure International Photo Festival,  Sharjah, UAE
Jan. 5-7  Bahamas Model Shootout & Photo Workshop with Vanelli & Friends

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