Tuesday's Tips: A Quick Trip to India

We had a couple of weeks that “Tuesday’s Tips” was absent, but I had a good excuse.  I flew to India to attend my stepson Michael’s wedding in Goa.  It was a unique intercultural and interfaith 3 day wedding.  There were 2 very different wedding ceremonies.  The first was conducted by my nephew Spike, a rabbi and a close friend of Michael’s. The ceremony the next day was a traditional Hindu wedding.  Each had it’s own unique customs, both had lots of colors.  

I used a Nikon Speedlight to capture the selfie moment and match the light on Michael and Juhi with the sky


In this image the ambient light in the sky matched the ambient light on the couple.


This photograph was lit  with a Speedlight mixed with the available LED lights 

I lit this photograph with a Speedlight and a collapsable Chimera  Beautydish.  The Speedlight was triggered by Pocket Wizard Plus IIIs.


When I wasn’t photographing at the weddings, I was out shooting the beach and the market. What do most photographers do to relax on a few days off?  Make more photographs!

I convented my Nikon D300 into Infrared camera a few years ago.  Although I don't use it much for assignment.  Creating IR images is a great relaxation for me.


Cow and tourists!




When I packed for the trip I knew much of photography would be available light, so I brought my polarizing filter and 2 ND filters.   I also knew some of the photographs would need lighting.  In addition to my camera and lens, I brought a small portable studio in camera bag and roll on case.   I don't check in my gear.  I use a ThinkTank Urban Disguise bag and a ThinkTank Airport International Rolling Camera Bag and wheel my equipment on to the plane. 


Here’s my equipment list:

2 Nikon D800s

Nikon 17-35 f2.8

Nikon 24-70 42.8

Nikon 70-200 f2.8

Nikon 16mm fisheye

3 Nikon SB900s

Rosco Rick Friedman Location Lighting Kit

3 PocketWizard Plus llls

2 Rogue Flashbenders

1 Rogue Grid

1 Chimera Beauty Dish

1 Induro tripod

1 Nikon D300s converted to infrared

1 Lensbaby Composer 

1 California Sunbounce Sunmover reflector

I had a great time in India, the people are wonderful!  I wish I could have stayed more than a few days.  I look forward to returning.

Mazel Tov! Wish you the life time of happiness!  Congratulations Mike & Juhi!